Georgiy Tkachenko

Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics Ukraine

Georgiy Tkachenko obtained his MSc in Lasers and Optoelectronic Techniques form the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (Ukraine) in 2007. He carried out his PhD studies at the same university working on tunable optical filters based on porous silicon multilayer films infiltrated with nematic liquid crystals. The degree in Optics and Laser Physics was granted to him in 2012. While working at the University of Bordeaux (France), he has realized a series of quantitative experimental studies on optical radiation forces controlled by the interplay between the chirality of matter and the chirality of optical fields. Georgiy joined the group in September 2014 as a research fellow working on optical trapping and rotation of microscopic particles in viscous environments. Georgiy left the group in May 2017 to take up a position at OIST.

Georgiy Tkachenko

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Liquid crystal technology is a subject of many advanced areas of science and engineering. It is commonly associated with liquid crystal displays applied in calculators, watches, mobile phones, digital cameras, monitors etc. But nowadays liquid crystals find more and more use in photonics, telecommunications, medicine and other fields. The goal of this book is to show the increasing importance of liquid crystals in industrial and scientific applications and inspire future research and engineering ideas in students, young researchers and practitioners.

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