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Baptist University of the Américas United States of America

Prof. Lee Waller is a Distinguished Professor of Education at the Baptist University of the Americas, Texas, USA. He previously served as the president of European University College, Dubai, UAE, and as an associate provost at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), UAE. Prof. Waller earned his BS in Education and MS in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, USA. He completed a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of North Texas, USA. Prof. Waller was awarded the Effective Practice Award for Excellence in the Utilization of Emerging Technology by the Online Learning Consortium and the Excellence in Teaching Award by Sigma Alpha Pi, The National Society of Leadership and Success.

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COVID wrought havoc on the world’s economic systems. Higher education did not escape the ravages brought on by the pandemic as institutions of higher education around the world faced major upheavals in their educational delivery systems. Some institutions were prepared for the required transition to online learning. Most were not. Whether prepared or not, educators rose to the challenge. The innovativeness of educators met the challenges as digital learning replaced the face-to-face environment. In fact, some of the distance models proved so engaging that many students no longer desire a return to the face-to-face model. As with all transitions, some things were lost while others were gained. This book examines practice in the field as institutions struggled to face the worst global pandemic in the last century. The book is organized into four sections on “The Perspectives of Higher Education”, “COVID as a Catalyst for Change”, “Embracing Online Learning as a Response to COVID”, and “Post Covid: The Way Forward”. It presents various perspectives from educators around the world to illustrate the struggles and triumphs of those facing new challenges and implementing new ideas to empower the educational process. These discussions shed light on the impact of the pandemic and the future of higher education post-COVID. Higher education has been forever changed, and higher education as it once was may never return. While many questions arise, the achievements in meeting and overcoming the pandemic illustrate the creativity and innovativeness of educators around the world who inspired future generations of learners to reach new heights of accomplishment even in the face of the pandemic.

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