Sudhakar Radhakrishnan

Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Sudhakar Radhakrishnan is a researcher in the field of Image processing and contributed a lot to the society. He is an editorial board member for 3 International journals namely International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering, International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering and International Arab Journal of Information technology. He is currently an Associate editor of IEEE-Access a multidisciplinary Journal published by IEEE. He is a reviewer of 16 international journals namely IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems by IEEE, International Arab Journal of Information Technology coming from Zarqa University, International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering published by International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press (IACSIT),International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering published by International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press (IACSIT), Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research, Iranian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Journal of Optical Engineering, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Imaging Science Journal, International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE), International journal of Image mining(IJIM), Int. J. of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IJBET) , Journal for Image Analysis & Stereology from International Society for Stereology, ETRI journal from Korea, AEUE- International journal of Electronics and Communications and IET Image Processing. He wrote 2 books titled “Research issues in Image compression using Wavelet variants” .“Practicing Signals and Systems Laboratory using MATLAB” and two Book chapters titled “Wavelet based image compression” in book titled “Computational Intelligence Techniques in Handling Image Processing and Pattern Recognition” “Analysis of Hand Vein image s using hybrid techniques” in Hybrid Intelligence techniques for Image Analysis and Understanding”. He edited three books titled “Effective video coding for Multimedia applications”, “Applications of Digital Signal Processing through practical approach” “Recent Advances in Image and Video Coding” Wavelet theory and its applications all published by IntechOpen.He has published 100 papers in international, national journals and conference proceedings. His areas of research include Digital Image Processing, Image Analysis, Wavelet Transforms, Communication Engineering, and Digital Signal Processing

5books edited

2chapters authored

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Information has become one of the most valuable assets in the modern era. Within the last 5-10 years, the demand for multimedia applications has increased enormously. Like many other recent developments, the materialization of image and video encoding is due to the contribution from major areas like good network access, good amount of fast processors e.t.c. Many standardization procedures were carrried out for the development of image and video coding. The advancement of computer storage technology continues at a rapid pace as a means of reducing storage requirements of an image and video as most situation warrants. Thus, the science of digital video compression/coding has emerged. This storage capacity seems to be more impressive when it is realized that the intent is to deliver very high quality video to the end user with as few visible artifacts as possible. Current methods of video compression such as Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standard provide good performance in terms of retaining video quality while reducing the storage requirements. Many books are available for video coding fundamentals.This book is the research outcome of various Researchers and Professors who have contributed a might in this field. This book suits researchers doing their research in the area of video coding.The understanding of fundamentals of video coding is essential for the reader before reading this book. The book revolves around three different challenges namely (i) Coding strategies (coding efficiency and computational complexity), (ii) Video compression and (iii) Error resilience. The complete efficient video system depends upon source coding, proper inter and intra frame coding, emerging newer transform, quantization techniques and proper error concealment.The book gives the solution of all the challenges and is available in different sections.

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