Shunro Kohbata

Gifu UniversityJapan

Looking for truth, which makes itself and falsehood plain as the light does (2020~). Lecturer; School of Hygiene of Pref. Gifu (2018~2019, 2021~). Director, Public Health Center of Pref. Gifu Local Government (2012~2017). Assistant professor of Microbiology, Gifu University School of Medicine, Gifu, Japan (1979~2012). Visiting assistant professor of Medical Microbiology, University of California at Davis, USA (1988~1990). Microbiological study on the pathogenesis of enteroinvasive Salmonella typhi and of neuroinvasive filterable Nocardia. Scientific concerning on the consciousness of microorganism and organism. Now on reading both \'Looking for Spinoza; Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain\' (by Antonio Damasio, 2003) and \'Behemoth\' (by Franz Neumann, 1942, cited by Karl Polanyi 1944/45).

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