Masa-Yuki Yamamoto

Kochi University of Technology

Masa-yuki Yamamoto, PhD, is currently affiliated with Kochi University of Technology (KUT), Japan. He specializes in upper atmospheric physics, developing in-situ and remote-sensing equipment and collaborating with JAXA and NASA, as well as with amateur astronomers and high school students. He majored in geophysics and graduated from the Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, in 2001. After taking a position as a researcher at the Communications Research Laboratory, Tokyo, he moved to KUT as a lecturer in 2003. He became a professor at the School of Systems Engineering in 2013. His specialty is geophysics, especially atmospheric sensing using infrasound observations and sounding rockets. A minor planet was recently named Masayukiyamamoto (58184) by T. Seki, who discovered it in 1991.