Andrew Hammond

Central Queensland University

Dr. Hammond is a Senior Lecturer in Geoscience within the School of Engineering & Technology at Central Queensland University’s Rockhampton Campus, Central Queensland, Australia.  He holds undergraduate degrees in Geology and Geography from the University of Tasmania and postgraduate degrees, Master of Applied Science in Pedology from the University of Canterbury and Ph.D. in Earth Science from Massey University, both in New Zealand.  His research interests are in sedimentology, stratigraphy, soil/regolith geology, hydrogeology, geohazards and the use and interpretation of geospatial imagery for environmental assessment and land resource management.  He has with over 20 years' geoscience consultancy, research and teaching experience having worked in a range of geological, geomorphic and soil landscapes within Australia and New Zealand.  He held senior research scientist positions in State (Tasmania) and Australian Government agencies and as a researcher in Queensland university research centers.