Verginica Schroder

Ovidius UniversityRomania

Lecturer Verginica Schröder was born in Luncavita, Romania, on 19 May 1971. She received the B.E. degree in Biology from the University of Iasi, Romania, in 1993, and Master’s degree in Marine and Coastal Biotechnology and Ecotechnology, in 1997. In 2005, she received her PhD degree in Biology from the Ovidius University from Constanta, Romania. In 2009, she joined to the Cell Biology Department in Faculty of Pharmacy Ovidius University from Constanta, Romania, as a lecturer. In 2016 onwards, she became a manager of the Pharmaceutical Science Department. Major recent research interest in Cellular and Molecular Biology, including the cytological study, especially to analyses new active biological materials, the evaluation of cytotoxicity at alternative experimental models of the new active components (animal or vegetal extracts), the assay of biotic-abiotic interactions, the xenobiotic’s possible impact on the environment. Member of Scientific Societies: American Microscopical Society, Romanian Society for Cell Biology, Romanian One Health Society, Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Organization committee: Fifth International Workshop on: Advanced, Nano - and Biomaterials and Their Applications-20-25 September 2016. Workshop: Alternative and complementary therapy (Homeopathy/Phytotherapy) - 2-4 Nov., Constanta 2017. Workshop: Pharmacy: Past, Present and Future, and May 2018 Constanta, Romania. Main achievements: Publications over 148 scientific presented and published, 3 book author .

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