Liat Klain Gabbay

College of Management – Academic Studies

Liat Klain-Gabbay completed her doctoral studies at Bar Ilan University, Israel, in the Department of Information Science, where her research focused on academic libraries- a mixed methods research. She holds an MA in East Asian studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where her research focused on the educational system of the North Korean minority in Japan. She completed a certificate program in Japanese language and culture at Soka University, Japan. She earned her certificate in library and information science at Beit Berl College, Israel, and has worked for twelve years as a librarian and information specialist in the Databases and Information Technology Department of the Library of the College of Management, Israel, where she also provides reference services to students and faculty members.

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The book is a collection of papers about indigenous, aboriginal, ethnic and fugitive groups from different countries, regions and areas. The book's chapters are written by scholars from different disciplines who exemplify these groups' way of life, problems, etc. from educational aspects, governmental aspects, aspects of human rights, economic statues, legal statues etc. The chapters describe their difficulties, but also their will to preserve their culture and language, and make their life better.

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