Ayşegül Körlü

Ege University

Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Körlü is employed at the Department of Textile Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Ege University since 1988. She defended her PhD thesis in 1998, and she received the title of Professor Doctor in 2015. Currently her fields of work are textile finishing, natural fibers, and occupational health and safety in textile industry. Her main research interests include bleaching of natural and synthetic fibers, pretreatment of textile materials, eco-friendly processes in textile finishing and textile-based personal protective equipment. She has written over 80 publications in the aforementioned areas and a book in Turkish. She has taken part in the management of many national and international projects.

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In this book, the relationship between the textile industry and the environment is examined from four different viewpoints. Recycling of spinning mill wastes, ozone usage that provides less chemical and water utilization, reuse of treated water in the dyeing processes, and approaches in the treatment of wastewaters of dyeing plants and finishing factories are solutions offered to reduce environmental pollution arising from textile production processes. Apart from this, energy management is also a subject that can be associated with the environment, and as a consequence, the possibility of utilizing textile materials to which phase change materials are applied, not only for comfort purposes but also as energy storage materials, means that technical textiles could be a solution for energy storage.

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