Syed Abdul Rehman Khan

Tsinghua University

Dr. S. Abdul Rehman Khan, has more than nine years’ core experience of supply chain and logistics at industry and academic levels. Prof. Khan has attended several international conferences in Dubai, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, and China, USA, Netherlands and has also been invited as Keynote speaker and conference technical committee member. He has published a couple of books in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics Management and published more than 53 research papers including 19 SCI indexed Research Papers, 16 EI indexed Research Papers in different well renowned international journals and conferences. He is a regular contributor to conferences and workshops around the world. Dr. Khan also holds Editorial Membership of two international journals. In addition, Dr. Khan holds memberships in the following well renowned institutions and supply chain bodies/associations: APCIS-U.S.; Supply Chain Association of Pakistan; USA Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals; Global Supply Chain Council China; and World Economic Association.

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