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Prof. (FH) RNDr. Milada Vítová, PhD, works at the Laboratory of Cell Cycles of Algae, Centre Algatech, Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. She studied at Charles’ University and obtained her PhD in molecular and cell biology. She started her research career in SAC, UK and continued at the University of Vienna, Austria. She has 20 years of experience in the research of algal physiology and biotechnology. She leads the group involved in the research of metal metabolism in algae and its environmental aspects. Her scientific fields concern namely: a) metal transport and metabolism in algae, b) cell cycle regulation of algae by external factors, and c) bioremediation, biomining and recycling. She is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria.

Milada Vítová

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The term microalgae is often used in the algal research community to collectively describe microscopic algae and cyanobacteria. Research of microalgae has expanded enormously, namely because of their significant commercial potential. The thorough knowledge of the physiology of microalgae must precede any commercial exploitation. We have to understand the mechanisms underlying the physiological and biochemical processes in the algal cells. The book Microalgae - From Physiology to Application covers major aspects of microalgae physiology and the possible applications in the sphere of biotechnology. This book gives a comprehensive overview of what is known about microalgae growth and production, secondary metabolites, and development of new species and products for commercialization. This volume should allow readers at all levels an entry into the exciting world of algal research.

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