Iavor K. Vladimirov

Sofia IVF clinic, Bulgaria

Dr. Iavor K. Vladimirov is the founder and medical director of the Sofia IVF clinic (SBALAGRM-SOFIA). He is an honorary lecturer at “St. Kliment Ohridski” University, Bulgaria. Dr. Vladimirov is one of the authors of \"Theory about the Embryo Cryo-Treatment,\" which is the first theory giving a scientific explanation for the high success rate in some infertility cases using the embryo freezing and thawing procedure. He has introduced the following methods in Bulgaria: assessment of the ovarian reserve, in vitro maturation, and determination of the so-called implantation window using endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA). He is a member of numerous professional and scientific organizations relating to the problem of infertility and has received various prestigious awards and accolades.

Iavor K. Vladimirov

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The development of science and technology in recent decades has enabled IVF methods to occupy a leading place in the treatment of infertility. This book introduces some modern infertility treatment methods that are part of IVF technologies, focusing on clinical practice. Topics discussed include semen analysis, ovarian stimulation, and basic methods applied in the IVF laboratory. The book also addresses diagnostics and treatment of the immunological factor of infertility as well as the relationship between infertility and reproductive age. This book will increase readers’ knowledge and understanding of the treatment of infertility using in vitro technologies.

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