Raffaello Papadakis

TdB Labs

Raffaello Papadakis is a Chemical Engineer (MEng 2005) majoring in organic chemical technology and polymer science and technology. He started his PhD in the field of physical organic chemistry in 2006 under the supervision of Prof. (Emer.) Dr. Athanase Tsolomitis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) and graduated in 2010. During his PhD he concentrated on the synthesis of solvatochromic probes and molecular switches. He later on spent two years in Marseille, France (September 2010–January 2013) working as a postodoctoral researcher at the Institute of Molecular Sciences, CNRS/Aix-Marseille University, in the field of water oxidation catalysts in the research group of Dr. Thierry Tron before moving to to Uppsala, Sweden in 2014. There he joined the group of Dr. Henrik Ottosson (Uppsala University) and he worked as a postdoc researcher and later as a researcher (Forskare) focusing on excited state (anti)aromaticity and graphene photochemistry-related research. His current research interests revolve around physical organic and materials chemistry with an emphasis on the chemistry and photochemistry of graphene and novel covalent organic frameworks as well as polymer chemistry. He is the author and coauthor of 24 scientific research papers, two book chapters and he has more than 35 contributions in international conference proceedings. Furthermore, he is an active referee of scientific peer-reviewed papers of world-class chemistry journals and he has acted as a scientific expert evaluating international research-grant proposals. Currently he works as a Senior Research Scientist at TdB Labs AB (Sweden) and specializes in polysaccharide modifications and derivatization placing particular interest in fluorescent dye polysaccharide-functionalizations.

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