Raffaello Papadakis

Uppsala UniversitySweden

Papadakis Raffaello was born in Heraklion Crete. He holds a Chemical Engineering Diploma and a PhD Degree in the field of Physical Organic Chemistry both from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA). He obtained after written examinations an IKY Scholarship and started his PhD under the supervision of Professor Dr. A. Tsolomitis in NTUA. There he worked on the Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of novel Molecular Switches and Sensors. Both Organic (Heterocyclic) and Coordination Complexes were studied. Emphasis was given on the development of novel medium responsive compounds which could serve as probes of solvent polarity (dipolarity/polarizability as well as Hydrogen Bond Donor / Lewis acidity and Hydrogen Bond Acceptor / Lewis Basicity). He also designed and prepared a family of novel medium responsive Charge Transfer Complexes which he studied experimentally and computationally. After Finishing his PhD, Dr. Papadakis moved to France where he worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Institute of Molecular Sciences of Marseille, France (CNRS/ Aix-Marseille University) under the Supervision of Dr. T. Tron. Main focus was the design and synthesis of water oxidation catalysts. He there managed to synthesize and solve the structure of 20 novel copper mono-, bi-, and polynuclear complexes and emphasized on the use of suitable oxidizable copper ligands and furthermore studied the copper mediated ligand oxidation, with water acting as the oxygen source. He subsequently moved to the Department of Chemistry - BMC, Uppsala University, in the group of Dr. H. Ottosson where he worked as a Wenner-Gren funded postodoctoral researcher focusing on Excited State aromaticity/antiaromaticity. Later on he moved to the Department of Chemistry - Ångström, Uppsala University and obtained an ÅForsk grant targeted to research related to graphene photochemical functionalization. He is the author/coauthor of 20 scientific papers and has served as a referee for various peer reviewed scientific journals in the filed of Organic, Physical and Materials Chemistry.

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