Amin Moradbak

Amin Moradbak was born in September 1984 in Iran. He studied his primary school from 1991- 1995 in named school founded by Gholam Ali Pichak. He continued his secondary and high school from 1995-2002. In the autumn of 2002 he moved to Karaj, Iran to attend Department of Wood and Paper Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Resource. Amin earned a B.Sc engineering degree in wood and paper science in 2006. He continued his M.Sc in pulp and paper technology under Dr. Mohammad Javad Sepidehdam at same university and received his M.Sc, in 2008. In February 2013, he entered the graduate program in Institute Tropical Forestry and Forest Products (INTROP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), and finished the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in pulp and paper technology in 2016. His research interests include non-wood fiber utilization, nanocellulose material, and pulp and paper technology.

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