Maurizio Lazzari

Italian National Research Council - Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage

Dr. Maurizio Lazzari has a PhD in Earth Science and is a researcher at the Italian National Research Council, Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences. Since 2001, Dr. Lazzari has been Professor of Pedology at the University of Basilicata (Italy) and a geoarchaeologist at the University of Salento (Italy). His research activities are focused on natural and anthropic hazard and risk factors, aimed at safeguarding and conserving settlements and the historical–monumental heritage of the Mediterranean, with particular attention to landslide processes, susceptibility maps, monitoring, and modeling. Since 2004, he has been working as a scientific coordinator for several national research projects studying landslides and triggering factors, natural and anthropogenic risks, geological and geomorphological mapping, soil erosion, preservation of historical and archaeological sites, enhancement of degraded areas, geo-touristic use, and the protection of the landscapes. He is the author of about 150 scientific publications in national and international journals, monographs, book chapters, and conference proceedings concerning applied geology, geomorphology, dynamics of artificial reservoirs, soil erosion, landslides, geoarchaeology, hydrogeological instability, natural hazards, monitoring, cultural landscape, UNESCO Heritage, geoarchaeology, and geo-tourism.

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