Natalia Szejko

Medical University of Warsaw

Natalia Szejko (MD, PhD) graduated from Medical University of Warsaw in 2014 and obtained the degree of Medical Doctor. She also studied parallelly the culture of Spain and Latin America, particularly literature and theatre of this region and obtained the degree of bachellor in 2010, MA in 2012 and PhD in 2018 (Department of Neophilology, University of Warsaw). In 2020, she has also defended ScD dedicated to clinical phenomenology of tics in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome in 2020 (Department of. Neurology of Medical University of Warsaw). She is also finalizing her residency in Neurology in Department of Neurology of Medical University of Warsaw. Between 01.01-31.12.2020 she has been working as Postdoctoral Associate in Department of Neurology, Yale University, USA. From 2016 she is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioethics in Medical University of Warsaw and is conducting interdisciplinary studies dedicated to medicine, literature, cinema and theatre. From clinical perspective she is also interested in tics, movement disorders and overlap between Neurology and Psychiatry. She has been awarded several prizes such as Rojszczak Award, scientific prize of "Polityka" in 2019 and was nominated as "Personality of 2019" for the journal Polska Times. She has also been awarded several fellowships and established international collaboration: Erasmus Fellowship for PhD students in Clinic of Psychiatry, Socialpsychiatry of Hannover Medical School, Germany, clinical fellowship of Movement Disorders Society and European Huntington's Disease Network, Department of Neurology, Ramon y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain; clinical fellowship of European Academy of Neurology, Department of Neurology, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria; research fellowship awarded by the Kosciuszko Foundation in the Child Study Center, Yale University, USA. She is author of 30 medical publications, 7 chapters in books and 20 publications dedicated to the overlap between medicine and humanities. She is the first author (part dedicated to assessment and deep brain stimulation) of the new European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome which will be released in 2020. In 2020 she has been elected as a Board Member and Secretary of the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome.