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Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

Zhongzhi Fu is a professor and senior engineer in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI), which is a non-profit research center governed by the Ministry of Water Resources, China. Dr. Fu specializes in hydraulic structures, especially for embankment and rockfill dams. He obtained his doctoral degree from Hohai University, Nanjing, China, in 2011 and became a consultant engineer for NHRI in June 2011. He has been working on testing and modeling the static and dynamic behavior of earth and rockfill materials and has published more than seventy technical papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Fu has participated in consulting works for more than thirty dams of different types, including the DaShiXia Concrete Faced Gravel Dam in Xinjiang (247 m in height) and the RuMei Earth Core Rockfill Dam in Tibet (315 m in height). He is now the secretary of the Soil and Rock Mechanics Committee in the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society and is a member of the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams.

Zhongzhi Fu

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Dams are critical structures in the sense that damage or breach of even a small dam may cause an unacceptable loss of life and property. Therefore, the safety of dams over the intended lifespan is of utmost importance for unrestricted operation. The basic prerequisites for any safe and successful operation of a dam include state-of-the-art design, experimental investigations of the construction material and properties of the foundation, a refined theoretical analysis of relevant load cases, and high-quality construction. In the past decades, many advancements have been achieved in both construction technologies and design, including those for the prediction of the long-term behavior of dams under various loading conditions. As such, this book examines these advancements with respect to the design, construction, and performance of earth, rockfill, and concrete dams. Over eight chapters, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest progress and research in dam engineering.

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