Gregory Light

After my Ph.D. in Business Economics from University of Michigan, I stayed to pursue an M.A. in Mathematics, subsequently a Ph.D.--ABD in Applied Mathematics at Brown. My research interest is laws independent of reference frames. Subordinate to this idea is scale invariance, for which I generalized elasticity in economics to \"relative derivative,\" (dy/dx)(a/b), and extended comparative statics to quantitative analyses via percentage changes. My recent presentation at the Global Studies Conference (Moscow State University, 2012) was an application of relative derivatives to the global economy with eight equations originating from my paper under Professor Paul McCracken during my Ph.D. study at Ann Arbor. I am also indebted to Professor Wolfgang Haken, who taught me advanced calculus during my earlier MBA study in University of Illinois, inspiring me to pursue mathematics. Three recent publications of mine were: [1] “Relative Derivative and Proportionality in Differential Geometry,” International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, V3 (1), 1-16, 2008,, [2] “The Standard Model in the framework of the combined spacetime 4-manifold of particles and waves – a heuristic introduction,” Advanced Studies In Theoretical Physics, V7 (11), 527-539, 2013,, and [3] “The Spinning Motions of All Fermions and Bosons as Implied by Pauli Matrices Containing Complex Conjugates in a Combined Spacetime Four-Manifold,” Applied Physics Research, V5 (4), 37-45, 2013,

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