S. M. Sohel Murshed

University of Lisbon

Prof. S. M. Sohel Murshed was born in Bangladesh and obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is currently a professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Previously, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow and visiting professor and scientist at different universities in Singapore, the USA, the UK, and India. He received the prestigious DUO-India Professorial Fellowship Award in 2020. Prof. Murshed has authored/co-authored 8 books, 28 book chapters, and over 160 papers in leading international journals and conferences. A number of his papers have been classified as Highly Cited Papers and his current citation is 6850 with an h-index of 30. Prof. Murshed was recently named in the list of the World\'s Top 2% Scientists.

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Microfluidics and nanofluids are rapidly growing technologies of tremendous potential and benefits. This book features a spectrum of topics on these emerging technologies that include microfluidic applications, mass production of chips, flow sensing approaches, fabrication of microfluidic channels using the micromilling process, application of micromixers for wastewater treatment and life cycle assessment, solar thermal conversion of plasmonic nanofluids, and liquid cooling, as well as carbon capture utilization and storage using nanocomposite and nanofluids. The book is intended to provide useful information and guidance to a wide variety of people including students, researchers, engineers, and manufacturers who are involved or interested in these technologies.

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