Qiang Yan

Zhejiang University

Qiang Yan is a medical doctor, master supervisor, adjunct professor and FACS. Chairman of Department of General Surgery, Zhejiang University Huzhou Hospital, Director of Department of Hepatopancreatic and Biliary Surgery and Department of Surgery Teaching and Research. He is a Member of Committees of Biliary Surgeons, Department of Surgeons and Hepatobiliary Minimal of Non-invasive Surgery, Chinese Medical Doctor Association and many other academic associations. He is also a Special Reviewer of Journals of Medicine, Oncotarget; Special Member of Editorial Committees of Chinese Journal of General Surgery, Liver Cancer and Chinese Journal of Clinicians. Dr Yan is a Participant of High Level Talents of Zhejiang Medicine and Zhejiang Province 151 Talents. He is finishing advanced studies for hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery in Medical Center, Stanford University and Affiliated Hospital, Regensburg University. He published more than 30 high-quality papers as the first or corresponding author, including 9 SCIs.

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With the rapid development of modern medical technology, endoscopic technology has also achieved unprecedented development. Its fields cover examination, treatment, surgery, and even molecular imaging diagnosis. Endoscopy technology brings a minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment experience to patients. Invasive treatment and examination of digestive surgery has changed from large incisions to several Trocar holes, from surgery to endoscopic treatment, and from laparotomy to endoscopy or laparoscopy, which has changed the diagnosis treatment and management of digestive surgery, enhanced the recovery after surgery, and benefited the patients needing to undergo surgical procedures. It is for this reason that we plan to introduce the development of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery in digestive surgery and enhanced rehabilitation medicine.

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