Hasan Basri İla

Cukurova University

Prof. Dr. Hasan Basri İla received his Ph.D. from the Biology Department, Çukurova University, Institute of Sciences and Letters, Turkey. During his doctoral study, Dr. İla investigated the effects of a commonly used antibiotic on chromosome aberration and micronucleus formation by in vivo tests. He actively took responsibility for twenty-six national projects as a project leader and/or researcher and has given numerous poster and oral presentations at several international scientific conferences. He also lectures on biology, cytology, genetics, evolution, organelle genetics, and cancer genetics. Dr. İla has published several papers in internationally indexed journals and has written two book chapters and edited three books. He has one patent on natural pigment to his credit.

Hasan Basri İla

1books edited

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Peroxisomes are cell organelles that have functions for the provision of homeostasis and sustainable cellular health. They are indispensable for lipid metabolism and free radical detoxification. A disruption in the peroxisomal pathway can cause irreparable problems or death for the organism. This book provides a comprehensive overview of peroxisomes, including their role in cell health and diseases such as cancer.

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