Mariana Petrova Genova

University Hospital Alexandrovska

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mariana P. Genova is a medical doctor, practicing at University Hospital “Alexandrovska” – Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been working on the field of gestational diabetes, diabetes, adipose tissue and adipokines for more than 20 years and now. Her new aria of interest is connection between trace elements, vitamin D status and pregnancy. She holds academic appointments at Department of Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Immunology of Medicine Faculty, Medical University – Sofia as a lecturer in clinical chemistry for medical students and medical doctors during post-graduation in clinical laboratory. She attended Medical Faculty at Medical University of Sofia (6 years), received master degree in medicine, lately obtained post-graduation (4 years) in clinical laboratory at Medical University, Sofia. Her PhD thesis focused on pancreatic beta cell dysfunction in gestational diabetes and her relationship to type 2 diabetes mellitus. She has participated in numerous reports at scientific meetings, in more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, text book chapters and more than 80 scientific communications. She is a member of professional societies and active in multidisciplinary research projects.

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