María Luz Garcia Pardo

Miguel Hernandez University

María-Luz García is a lecturer at Department of Agro-Food Technology, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Spain. Her research is focused on animal breeding, genetics, and reproduction, especially in rabbit. Several genetic programs have been developed both in maternal and paternal lines. She has participated in selection of litter size in maternal lines, evaluating the response to selection using reproductive biotechnology. Reproductive biotechnology has also been applied for spread of high genetic lines with minimal health risks. She is also conducting a divergent selection program of litter size variability, as an indirect methodology for resilience selection. With respect to paternal lines, a rabbit line selected by growth traits, which is commonly used for artificial insemination at commercial farms, has been developed. Techniques such as laparoscopy, embryo culture, embryo cryopreservation and transfer, embryo bank management, and ultrasound to determine body condition have been commonly used. For further information on her scientific publications, please use the following link

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