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Sivas Numune Hospital

Dr. Kuru Bektaşoğlu graduated from Marmara University School of Medicine, Turkey, in 2014. She completed her neurosurgical residency in 2021 and her Ph.D. in Physiology at Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences, also in 2021. She worked as a research fellow in the Department of Neurological Surgery, at Yeditepe University, Turkey for six months studying white matter fiber dissection. She has given more than eighty presentations at international and national meetings and published forty-five papers both in peer-reviewed journals. She has also written three books and eleven book chapters. She has a keen interest in neurovascular and neurooncological surgeries and translational neuroscience.

Pinar Kuru Bektaşoğlu

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Cerebral palsy is a debilitating disease that affects the everyday life of patients and their caregivers. Understanding its pathophysiology, preventing avoidable factors, and effectively treating the disease with the most appropriate approach is paramount in the management of patients with cerebral palsy. This book presents up-to-date information about the etiology, pathophysiology, social aspects, and optimum care and treatment alternatives of this chronic condition.

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Cerebral Palsy Updates Edited by Pinar Kuru Bektaşoğlu

Cerebral Palsy

Edited by Pinar Kuru Bektaşoğlu