Ewa Kleczyk


Ewa Kleczyk, PhD is an Executive with a Pharmaceutical Market Research Firm. Ms. Kleczyk received her PhD in Economics from Virginia Tech in 2008. She has given presentations in the areas of healthcare and economics at several conferences including Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group, Marketing Research Association and Harvard University\'s Global Conference on Business and Economics. She has been published in peer and non-peer reviewed journals including Risk Management Trends, Journal of Medical Marketing, Marketing Bulletin, American Journal of Water Works, and International Journal of Business & Economics. She is a member of the Editorial Board for Business and Economics Research sponsored by Macrothink Institute. Ms. Kleczyk has been involved in several women\'s organizations including the National Women\'s Association. In 2012, she was recognized with the \Rising Star\ Award form the Healthcare Businesswomen\'s Association and in 2008, with the Top 5 Business Women\'s Award from the New Directions Chapter of the American Business Women\'s Association. She has a passion for Mathematics and Economics and teaches, mentors, and encourages women to pursue careers in such areas.

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