Selma Lendelvo

National Autonomous University of MexicoMexico

Mrs Selma Lendelvo is a senior researcher and head of Division of the Life Sciences Division of the MRC at UNAM coordinating research on community-based natural resources management which include rangeland and wildlife management. She has a B.Sc (Botany and Zoology) from UNAM, and an M.Sc in Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture from Agricultural University of Norway. Her M.Sc thesis focused on the effect of artificial water points on the grazing areas of the Uuvudhiya communities. Lendelvo is awaiting to graduate for her PhD April 2018, which researched on wildlife management in communal conservancies with the University of Namibia. Ms Lendelvo has extensive experience in management and execution of research projects and has undertaken various projects. Recently during 2015/6, Ms Lendelvo participated on a project in conjunction with the University of Chicago doing a final evaluation of MCA-Namibia compact focusing on the Communal land support which addressed the registration of land titles and commonage or grazing lands. In addition, Lendelvo also completed a study for the Ministry of Land Reform during 2016/7 aiming to understand the impact of leasehold agreements on agricultural productivity and improving access to credit. In 2013, she was also involved in another study commissioned by MLR focussing on the job creation among beneficiaries of the land reform in Namibia.

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