Zambri Harun

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia

Dr. Zambri Harun is a senior fellow at the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, National University Malaysia (UKM). He graduated with a BSc and MEng both from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, US. His experience in the industry stretches over almost a decade; being an engineer at Motorola Malaysia and in a civil project. His PhD was on turbulence flow from the University of Melbourne, Australia. His research covers the wind tunnel and atmospheric turbulence as well as building and tunnel flow management.

Zambri Harun

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The book comprises of different areas in which vortex dynamics is important, its generation, evolution, interactions with other motions, and finally the ways it can be controlled. Vortex characteristics are important in many aspects of our lives, from blood circulation in the arteries to the high-speed jet. Flow control and manipulation of vortices have been used to reduce drag for large tankers resulting in billions of dollars in savings. An effective smoke management system must be put in place for critical areas to ensure the safety of people, for example in a very large shopping complex or a large airport. Advanced computational and cloud-computing facilities have contributed significantly to large-scale simulation projects. Therefore, validations could be performed for larger windows of study so that it can now cover the entire e.g. central business district (CBD) for urban heat island (UHI) study or land-ocean interactions.

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Vortex Dynamics Theories and Applications IntechOpen
Vortex Dynamics Theories and Applicatio... Edited by Zambri Harun

Vortex Dynamics Theories and Applications

Edited by Zambri Harun