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Prof. Jun Zhou is one of the top experts in agricultural robots in China and full professor in Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU). Prof. Zhou is also the director of the department of science and technology in NJAU. Prof. Zhou received his Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nanjing Agricultural University in 2005. Prof. Zhou has published more than 50 SCI/EI cited articles in national and international journals about agricultural robots and vision based control problems in agriculture in the past ten years. His research interests include agricultural robot control, robotic grasping, Navigation and guidance, Robotic sensing and control, object recognition and location, Mapping and localization.

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Over the past few decades, extensive research has been conducted on the applications of agricultural robots and automation to a variety of field and greenhouse operations, and technical fundamentals and their feasibility have also been widely demonstrated. Due to the unstructured environment, adverse interference and complicated and diversified operation process are the key of blocking its commercialization in robotic agricultural operations. Because of the development of automation techniques, smart sensors, and information techniques, some types of agricultural robots have achieved considerable success in recent years. This book intends to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art in agricultural robots, fundamentals, and applications in robotic agricultural operations.

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Agricultural Robots Fundamentals and Applications Edited by Jun Zhou

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