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Istanbul Technical University

Dr. Resat Oyguc is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earthquake Engineering at the Institute of Disaster Management at Istanbul Technical University. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from Yıldız Technical University in Structural Engineering, and Istanbul Technical University in Structural and Earthquake Engineering, respectively. His research doctorate was on the seismic capacity assessment of irregular structures using adaptive pushover procedures. He investigates the response of complex networks and structures under extreme loading conditions. He has also undertaken many studies on the safety assessment of structures and evaluation of post-earthquake failures. Specifically, he works on nonlinear inelastic dynamic response simulation for infrastructures. His recent research includes seismic performance assessment of a nuclear reactor building under multiple earthquake excitations considering the degradation effects.

Resat Oyguc

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Structural integrity and failure assessment have been considered by many fields of engineers as it is a multi-disciplinary concept. The assessment procedure vitally ensures that structural elements will remain functional throughout their service lives. Structural failure refers to the loss of structural integrity by means of loss at the component- or system-level elements. The main concern of integrity assessment is that a structural failure may be avoided at the service level by designing the structure to withstand its designated loads. Hence, for satisfactory structural performance, structural safety, failure, and interaction between them should be considered throughout the design and analysis stages. This book is a collection of chapters that provide the researcher with a comprehensive perspective on structural integrity and its sub-disciplines.

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Structural Integrity and Failure IntechOpen
Structural Integrity and Failure Edited by Resat Oyguc and Faham Tahmasebinia

Structural Integrity and Failure

Edited by Resat Oyguc and Faham Tahmasebinia