Roland Wisniewski

Professor Wiśniewski worked at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) from 1983 until 2000, and now is an emeritus professor. From 2002 to 2014 he worked in the Polish National Center of Nuclear Research. He started with scientific and didactic work at WUT in 1952. He received his AB degree in Mechanical Construction in 1956 and his PhD degree in Electronics in 1964. In 1974 he has successfully presented his habilitation in High Pressure Physics in WUT. Prof. Wiśniewski was the head of Poland’s first high-pressure group. He is an author of over 250 articles in scientific and technology journals and an author or co-author of over 30 patents (for example Linear Unbalanced DC Bridge, new type HP viscometer). Prof. Wiśniewski is an expert in the fields of high pressure techniques and technology, condensed matter high-pressure physics, high pressure hydrogen (deuterium) technology (coauthor of pioneer synthesis of nickel-hydride). He is lately using the γ-quanta technique irradiation, in cooperation with JINR Dubna, RF. He is also a co-author of pioneer investigations of multi nuclei and multi physic reactions in γ-irradiated dense gas–metal systems (or only pure H2, D2, He, Xe dense gases).

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