Mehmet Barış Can Ülker

Istanbul Technical University

Dr. M.B.C. Ülker graduated from the North Carolina State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering with a PhD degree in Civil Engineering in 2009. His doctoral research topic was on the dynamic analysis of saturated and nearly saturated porous media with applications to wave-induced seabed response. Following his PhD study, Dr. Ulker worked as an instructor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology Department of Civil Engineering in 2010. He then joined the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute in 2012 and has been a professor at ITU since then. Dr. Ulker’s research interests focus mainly on analytical and computational geomechanics with applications to geotechnical earthquake engineering, coastal and offshore geotechnical engineering and unsaturated soil mechanics. He is currently running an externally funded research group at ITU undertaking analytical, numerical, and experimental studies in these fields.

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