Dalila Haouas

University of Jendouba

Dr. Dalila Haouas is an assistant professor at the Graduate Agriculture School of Kef, University of Jendouba, Tunisia. She teaches Agricultural Entomology and Zoology. Her research interests include invasive and emergent insects on crops, botanical extracts and products for insect pest management. She has published articles in many international journals such as Industrial Crops and Products, Journal of Pest Science, Chemistry and Biodiversity, Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin, and Shilap-Revista De Lepidopterologia. She has also presented many papers at conferences, both locally and abroad. She is a reviewer of articles and chapters in impacted and indexed international journals.

Dalila Haouas

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Pests Control and Acarology presents novel methods adopted in pest management for cereal crops and fruit trees. Each chapter was written by experts in their respective areas, and provides a rigorous review and outline of current trends and future needs, to expedite progress in the field. The book was structured in three sections as follows. The first section introduces the topics and defines concepts of Integrated Pest Management and Biological Control. The second section includes two chapters: the first one discusses a new trap barrier system for rodent pest control in rice and the second one presents methods used in the management of stem borers in cereal crops. The third section presents various topics within the area of Acarology.

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