Thierry Edoh

University of Bonn

Thierry Edoh is an associate researcher at the University of Bonn (Germany)/department of pharmacy, visiting associate lecturer at the Institute of Mathematics and Physics (IMSP)/University Abomey-Calavi, (Benin-Africa), visiting lecturer at IUT Lokossa (Benin-Africa), and an associate researcher at Technical University of Munich/department of Applied Software Engineering (Germany). He received Diploma in computer sciences from the Technical University of Munich in Germany and hold a Ph.D. at the German Federal Army University, where he worked for several years on the improvement of rural health care provision and access to healthcare in developing countries using ITC systems. He was award-winner at the 1st International Health Informatics Conference IHI ACM in Washington in 2010 and in 2013 at Afrinic conference in Indonesia. He performed Postdoctoral research works at the University of Bonn (Germany)/department of pharmacy. His research interests are mobile computing, pervasive health, and health informatics, telehealth and IoT in medical applications. He is an expert in telemedicine, bio-Informatics and Drug Regulatory Affairs. He has led several telemedicine projects in Africa, Ireland, and Germany. He works with many European, American, African and Asian universities.

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