Jaber Khanjani

Buein Zahra Technical University Iran

Dr. Jaber Khanjani is currently working on the following projects: Emulsion Polymerization, Paints and Coatings, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Granulation of Plastics and Compounding, Water-based Coatings. He received his Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering from the Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute Field of interest: Paint and coating, Adhesive and resin, Synthesis and polymerization of acrylic latexes and polyurethane dispersions (PUD), Scale-up and design of emulsion polymerization processes, Compounding and granulation of plastics materials: recovery of plastic wastes, Core-shell latexes: design of reaction and morphologies, acrylic-silicone hybrid latexes synthesis and properties, high solid-low viscous latexes synthesis, formulation and film properties He has worked as an R&D researcher at the R&D center of Samed Adhesive Company, Mashhad Payam-Noor University, and at Simbad Resin Company. He also gained considerable experience as an R&D and resin production manager az Razi Adhesive Company. Currently, he is working at Buein Zahra Technical University and as a consultant at Rabin Polymer Company and Iran Dar Company.

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