Mohsen Mhadhbi

National Institute of Research and Physical-Chemical Analysis

Dr. Mohsen Mhadhbi has Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax at the University of Sfax (Tunisia). Since 2011, he is an Assistant Professor and member of a research team of the Laboratory of Useful Materials focusing on synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for industrials responders (hydrogen storage, cutting tools and biomedical applications) at National Institute of Research and Physical-chemical Analysis (Tunisia). Mhadhbi has served as a teacher in Inorganic Chemistry in different Institutes in Tunisia. He has supervised several researchers in materials science. He published work in national and international impacted journals and books. Mhadhbi is a member of different associations. He is also a reviewer and editorial board member in different scientific journals and congresses.

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Today, the application of phase change materials (PCMs) has developed in different industries, including the solar cooling and solar power plants, photovoltaic electricity systems, the space industry, waste heat recovery systems, preservation of food and pharmaceutical products, and domestic hot water. PCMs use the principle of latent heat thermal storage to absorb energy in large quantities when there is a surplus and release it when there is a deficit. This promising technology has already been successfully implemented in many construction projects. The aim of this book is to assist the scientists and to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the properties that characterize the phase change materials from theoretical and experimental perspectives with a focus on their technological applications. The present status and future perspectives of phase change material are discussed.

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