Joseph Jean Assaad

University of Balamand

Joseph Assaad is an Associate Professor at the University of Balamand, Al Kurah, Lebanon. He received his Ph.D. from Sherbrooke University, Canada, in Materials Science and Civil Engineering. His research interests include grinding aids and strength enhancers for clinker, reduction of CO2 emissions during cement production, chemical admixtures for specialty concrete, injection/grouting materials, rheology and thixotropy, formwork pressure, bond to reinforcing steel in concrete structures, repair systems, polymerisation of polyvinyl alcohols and styrene butadiene polymers, epoxies for flooring, hardened concrete properties, and durability. Dr. Assaad has authored two books in Concrete Technology, peer-reviewed over 220 journal papers, and published over 80 papers in refereed international journals. He is the recipient of numerous local and international recognitions and awards​.