Sahadev Sharma

University of Malaya

Dr. Sahadev Sharma is a forest ecologist with PhD in plant ecology and physiology from University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. He has been doing research on mangrove forest ecology and physiology from organ to the landscape level, using a wide spectrum of methods and technologies such as remote sensing and field based monitoring and sampling, integrating ecological, chemical and hydrological data. He is associated with global project SWAMP (Sustainable Wetland Adaptation and Mitigation Program) funded by USAID. He has working experience in top class institutes such as Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa and Institute of Pacific and Island Forestry and University of Malaya. He has done research in different countries (India, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Palau, Hawaii, Mexico, Vietnam, Madagascar and Malaysia). He is the author of about 45 research works published in many peer-reviewed journals and about 60 international conference papers.

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Mangrove Ecosystem Ecology and Function deals with several aspects of mangrove science, as well as conservation, management, and related policies. The book is divided into six sections and structured into 10 chapters. The first section discusses mangrove ecology, structure, and function; the second section explains mangrove physiology related to salt accumulation; the third section focuses on mangrove polychaetes; the fourth section talks about the bioprospect of mangrove microbes; the fifth section discusses soil geochemistry; and the sixth section elucidates mangrove management and conservation. Researchers from different countries and fields of mangrove ecosystem exploration have contributed their findings. This book would be an ideal source of scientific information to graduate students, advanced students, researchers, scientists, and stakeholders involved in mangrove ecosystem research.

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