Slobodanka Petrović

Head od Pulmology Dept.

Education and Training (List all Colleges, Universities and Medical Schools attended incl. postdoctoral/fellowship training, including board certification/medical license) 1. Subspecialisation, Landeskrankenhaus St. Johannspital, Dept. Of Pediatric Pulmonology, Salzburg, Austria Subspecialist, 2002 Pediatric pulmology 2. Faculty of Medicine,University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia PhD, 1998 Pediatric pulmology 3. Subspecialisation, Mosdos Hospital for Chest Diseases, Hungary Subspecialist, 1994 Pediatric pulmology 3. Hospital Bulovka, Division of Pediatric Pulmonology , Praha, Chezh Republic Training certificate, 1990 Pediatric pulmology 4. Hospital for pulmonary diseases and tbc, Srebrnjak, Zagreb, Croatia Training certificate, 1989 Pediatric pulmology 5. Faculty of Medicine,University of Novi Sad,Novi Sad, Serbia Master of Science, 1982 Pediatric pulmology 6. Faculty of Medicine & Institute for child and youth health care of Vojvodina Specialist , 1987 General pediatrician 7. Faculty of Medicine,University of Novi Sad, Serbia , Medical Doctor, 1979 Medicine Professional Experience Chief of bronchology ward,1990-2008 Head of Dept. for Acute Respiratory Diseases 2008 -2011 Deputy director for education and scientific research 2011- 2016 Head of Division for Pediatric Pulmonology , current

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