Kankesu Jayanthakumaran

University of Wollongong

Dr Jayanthakumaran has a PhD, ‘Trade Liberalisation and Performance’, from the Development Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford, United Kingdom. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at the University of Wollongong. His research has concentrated on 'trade facilitation and performance'. Outcome is reflected by peer reviewed 30 journal articles, 5 book chapters, 2 edited books, 1 book and 15 Higher Degree Research Students' completions. His research leadership as a 'trade economist' is associated with an international influence that includes collaborative projects with ICFTU/APRO, ADB, ADBI, ITT for LLDCs and Smeru Research Institute.

1books edited

Latest work with IntechOpen by Kankesu Jayanthakumaran

This book, edited by the Intech committee, combines several hotly debated topics in science, engineering, medicine, information technology, environment, economics and management, and provides a scholarly contribution to its further development. In view of the topical importance of, and the great emphasis placed by the emerging needs of the changing world, it was decided to have this special book publication comprise thirty six chapters which focus on multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary topics. The inter-disciplinary works were limited in their capacity so a more coherent and constructive alternative was needed. Our expectation is that this book will help fill this gap because it has crossed the disciplinary divide to incorporate contributions from scientists and other specialists. The Intech committee hopes that its book chapters, journal articles, and other activities will help increase knowledge across disciplines and around the world. To that end the committee invites readers to contribute ideas on how best this objective could be accomplished.

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