Reda Gharieb

Assiut University

Reda R. Gharieb is a Professor of Biomedical and Bioelectronics Engineering with Assiut University, Egypt. He has been a postdoctoral fellow and a research scientist with Toyama University and Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan. Dr. Gharieb has also been a research scientist for the Infinite Biomedical Technology, Maryland, USA and for the Fairway Medical technologies, Texas, USA. Within Fairway, he joined a NIH project for developing a photoacoustic imaging (PAI) system for breast and prostate cancer detection. He focused on developing reconstruction algorithms for two and three-dimensional images. Dr. Gharieb also collaborated, as a Fairway partner member, with Seno Medical Instruments, San Antonio, Texas, USA on developing their PAI technology and he spent one year as a visiting research scientist with the BME department, WPI, USA.

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