Arwin Sumari

Communication and Electronics Service, Indonesian Air Force Headquarters

Colonel (Electronics) Arwin Datumaya 'Daemon” Wahyudi Sumari was inaugurated as 2nd Lieutenant Officer of Electronics Corps of the Indonesian Air Force from Indonesian Air Force Academy (IDAFA), Yogyakarta with Honors in 1991. He also achieved Adi Makayasa Medal as Best of the Best Graduate of IDAFA and Trophy for the Best Graduate of 1991 Electronics Majoring. He received Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) degree in Electronics Engineering focused on Artificial Neural Networks with Cum Laude, Magister Teknik (M.T.) degree in Computer Engineering focused on Multi-Agent System with Cum Laude, and Doctor (Dr.) in Electrical Engineering and Informatics also focused on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence with Cum Laude from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia in April 1996, March 2008, and July 2010 respectively. He also holds some professional certificates for Flight Simulator, whether mobile Radar and professional engineer. Colonel Dr. Arwin Sumari is the first IDAF officer who received Certificate of Achievement from Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Air Force in 1996, the First Winner of Indonesian Armed Force’s Research and Development Competition in 2001, and award received as the Best Manuscript Award 'Sastratama” when studying at Indonesian Air Force’s School of Staff and Command in 2011. His service experiences include the Head of Training Facility 3rd Fighter Wing of Iswahjudi AFB, Subdepartment Head of Electronic System IDAFA, Subdirectorat Head for Managemen Examination Directorate of Examination IDAFA, the Staff of Research and Development of Staff for Planning and Budgeting of the Indonesian Air Force at IDAF Headquarters. He joined with Indonesian Defense University (IDU) in 2013 as a Principal Lecturer in Asymmetric Warfare Study Program of Faculty of Defense Strategy and became Associate Professor on Asymmetric Warfare in 2015. He was then promoted to become Policy Analyst for Economics Contingency Plan, the Deputy of Politics and Strategy, National Resilience Council (NRC). During in NRC, he also asked to join National Cyberspace Desk of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs as Division Head of Information Resilience. The Desk also the preparation of the formation of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency. Colonel Dr. Arwin Sumari research interests are Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, multiagent-based systems, cyberspace operations, social media operations, and military decision-making system. He has been a member of the Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Research Group (CAIRG) since 1995. He has written more than 200 technical papers published in international and national books, journal, and proceedings as well as technical magazines and presentations. One of his books that is authored with Prof. Dr. Adang Suwandi Ahmad was used as a lecture course at School of Command and Staff of Indonesian Armed Force in 2007. They also wrote a book entitled 'Integrated Information Inferencing System for Integrated Information System' in 2008 and published by School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, ITB. In 2019, Colonel Dr. Arwin Sumari joined Asosiasi Prakarsa Indonesia Cerdas (APIC) and with his colleagues initiating the formation of Indonesia Artificial Intelligence Society (IAIS).

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