Naif Haddad

Resume Dr. Naif Haddad ( , Architect, Historian Architect & Restorer, Heritage Consultant, Creative& Art director, Head Writer) Personal Details Nationality: Jordanian Date of Birth: 5/5/1959 Languages: Arabic (mother language), English and Greek Department of Conservation Science Queen Rania\'s Institute of Tourism and Heritage Hashemite University Mobile: 00962 795522845, Email:, Obtained his Ph.D. in the field of Ancient Architecture from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in 1995. His thesis title is “Doors & Windows in Hellenistic and Roman Greece”. He worked as a principle Historian architect in several excavations, research programs and projects for documentation, interpretation, restoration, conservation and reuse of historical buildings. He was a permanent collaborator with Aristotle University excavations at Vergina until 2001; beginning in 1988 with the late esteemed Prof. Dr. Manolis Andronicos, who discovered Philip II Tomb and following his death, he continued working in the excavations until 2001. During Dr. Haddad stay in Greece, he joined several excavations and heritage & interpretation projects with IZ Trustees for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture, in addition to Aristotle University. His projects covered several sites including Macedonian Tombs, Archontikon/ Giantsa, Palace and Agora of Pella, Mieza (Lafkadia of Nousa). He also collaborated with Prof. Dr. G. Velenis on research programs for the restoration, interpretation and reuse of historical buildings in the Zone of Waterfalls at Varosi \"in the city of Edessa (north of Greece), in the Castle of Pantokratora/ Previsa and in Kalogerika / Ammouliani in Chalkidiki\". Dr Haddad served as the Chairman of the Department of Architecture at the Applied Science University (1996-1999) and Chairman of the Department of Conservation Science at Queen Rania\'s Institute of Tourism and Heritage, at the Hashemite University ( 2001- 2005) in Jordan. As a Heritage expert and historian architect he was the main researcher of the international project ERATO (Identification, Evaluation and Revival of the Acoustical Heritage of Ancient Theatres and Odea), Inco-Med, a collaboration of Mediterranean Partner Countries in cooperation with the Hashemite University (2003-2006). In addition to the Development of a visitor centre for Bergesh Cave and its Surroundings /Zoybia Reserve/Irbid for the Ministry of Tourism and as a Coordinator of the Hashemite University Team. From 2010 till now, he is the Research Team Leader& main researcher with Jordan Department of Antiquities for ATHENA PROJECT: Ancient Theatres Enhancement for New Actualities, Work Package 3 (Tasks 1, 2, 3): Outlining a sustainability strategy: intervention priorities and overall compatibility. As a Senior Heritage specialist, he was also involved in the Regeneration of the Historical City Centre of Irbid and Restoration of the Traditional Buildings in cooperation with Consolidated Consultants firm for Engineering & Environment. From 1997 till now, Dr Haddad is also working as Consultant, Creative & Art Director and Script Writer of various T.V productions: animated TV spots, documentaries video-clips programmers, Outreach materials & Design for several multimedia projects. Creative & Art Director of numerous children and adult TV shows programs, TV drama , Sitcom , Private Sector Project for women (PSP) TV shows; animated TV spots Hikayat Simsim (Sesame Stories season 1 & 2,3,4), Docu-drama (Political, Social, & Economic) for the European Union Delegation of Jordan and produced three short cinematic films for Evans Foundation. He has extensive experience as both writer and Creative & Concept Director for multi-media programs. Dr. Naif organized several Sesame Writers Workshops, wrote and supervised production of many Heritage documentaries and animated TV spots, and outreach material. Between (2006-2007) he was the Script Writer, Creative & Art Director of Madaba Interpretation Unit Video, Madaba: The mosaic of people through the time, 10 min. The Region of Madaba (5 min). Between (2008-2010) he was the Creative & Art Director, Consultant, Script Writer of Jordan Tourism Board (JTP) promotional documentaries for Jordan (one 10 min, six 3 min, three 30 sec, Fun and adventure, History and culture, Eco and nature, Leisure and wellness, Religion and faith, Conferences and events), as also for several settings of various children and adult programs such as Sesame work shop/ Hikayat Simsim in Jordan.

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