Slobodan B. Mickovski

Glasgow Caledonian University

Prof. Slobodan Mickovski is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Management at Glasgow Caledonian University, a Chartered Engineer and Scientist. Prof. Mickovski completed an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy before carrying out research on the anchorage mechanics of different types of root systems and completing a PhD at the University of Manchester. He worked as a research engineer at INRA/LRBB in Bordeaux, France before moving to University of Dundee as a research fellow. After this, he gained an extensive experience as a geotechnical engineering through a number of years working as a designer and consultant in sectors including highways, rail, flood defence, marine, residential and industrial developments, erosion protection, agriculture, landscaping, and forestry. His current research interests include slope stabilisation and erosion control using vegetation, green roofs, infrastructure monitoring and management, and sustainable geotechnics. He actively collaborates with UK and international partners in France, Brazil, China, Canada, Austria and Spain, delivers keynote lectures and presentations at international conferences, and publishes in high impact journals.

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