Evon Abu-Taieh

The University of Jordan

Evon Abu-Taieh is an Associate Professor in the faculty of Computer Information Systems, The university of Jordan. Abu-Taieh served as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Aviation Technology, Engineering and Management and has been a guest editor for the Journal of Information Technology Research. She has more than 45 published works in Simulation & modelling, Aviation, IT, PM, KM, GIS, AI, security and ciphering; in addition, Dr. Abu-Taieh holds positions on the editorial board of the International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, and International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change. Dr. Abu-Taieh served as Chair, Track chair, & reviewer in many renowned conferences.

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The influx of data in the world today needs analysis that no one method can handle. Some reports estimated the influx of data would reach 163 zitabytes by 2025, hence the need for simulation and modeling theory and practice. Simulation and modeling tools and techniques are most important in this day and age. While simulation carries the needed work, tools for visualizing the results help in the decision-making process. Simulation ranges from a simple queue to molecular dynamics, including seismic reliability analysis, structural integrity assessment, games, reliability engineering, and system safety. This book will introduce practitioners, researchers, and novice users to simulation and modeling, and to the world of imagination.

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