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Al Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences

Dr. Ali Ibrahim Yahya is dean of Zliten Medical School. His previous positions include teaching medical students at Misrata University Medical School till 2007, teaching medical students at Al Mergeb Medical School from 2007 and holding the professor of surgery position at Al Mergeb University under Koms medical school. In 2017, dr. Yahya\'s academic file was transferred to Al Asmarya University and he has begun acting as dean of Zliten Medical School which started in 2013.

Ali Ibrahim Yahya

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a very common, global clinical problem. It affects any age group, both males and females, and is seen mainly in developed countries, especially among obese individuals. GERD needs to be treated to prevent nuisance symptoms and long-term complications. The book deals with the diagnosis of GERD, including clinical presentations and diagnostic investigations, and describes the different available conservative, medical, surgical and endoscopic treatments. The book also covers gastroesophageal disease in children, its presentation and treatment. It also deals with the refractory type of gastroesophageal disease including different theories. It is very useful for gastroenterologists and upper gastrointestinal surgeons.

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