Samad M.E. Sepasgozar

UNSW Sydney

Dr. Samad M.E. Sepasgozar is a senior lecturer in digital construction and property management who has published more than 100 trending papers in the last seven years. He has been granted funds as chief investigator for different projects on the application of advanced technologies. Dr. Sepasgozar has a strong background in developing smart technologies for the built environment. His work has been recognized by world leaders, as evidenced by 'best paper’” awards for some of his publications in high-quality journals and world-class conferences. He is an editorial board member for a leading Q1 journal, and guest editor and reviewer of many high-ranked journals focusing on innovation and smart technologies.

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This book covers topics relevant to the concept of infrastructure construction, including key requirements of development such as measuring productivity and maintenance. It presents different categories of sustainability maintenance of critical infrastructures. In addition, it presents a complex simulation model, the reconfiguration simulator, which enables evaluation of the effectiveness of resilience enhancement strategies for electric distribution networks and the required resources to implement them. Then, it discusses health services as a critical sector in this field, which should be able to perform its function, even in times of crisis. The last chapter presents a brief review of different bridges, including the processes of design, material selection, construction, and maintenance.

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