Muhammad Anjum Aqueel

Dr. Muhammad Anjum Aqueel has a Ph.D. degree from a prestigious Imperial College London, UK. He has been working as Assistant Professor (Entomology) in department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha, Pakistan since March 2011 up to present date. During his research, he worked on tritrophic interactions of nitrogen fertilizer on aphids and their natural enemies. His interest is ecology of insects and their biological control. He is also interested in predator-prey and parasitoid-host interactions. Furthermore, he is currently running an Apiculture project and maintaining few thirty honey bee colonies in entomology department. This setup provides a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to perform their practical demonstrations and for postgraduate students to conduct their research. He is interested in control of wax moth and Varroa mites in bee colonies in an integrated manner. He is also studying higher trophic effects of plant applications on foraging activity of bees and honey quality. Currently, dr. Aqueel is supervising a significant number of Masters and PhD scholars. He is an author of 28+ research papers in international reputed journals and 2 books. In his academic career he contributed 8+ oral talks in many reputed international conferences.