Diego Zanetti

University of Milan

He is an Otologic and Skull Base Surgeon at the University of Milan since 2015. Formerly, Otologic Surgery and Hearing Implants at the ENT Dept of the University of Brescia (Italy) 1986-2010 and at the ENT Dept of the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy) 2010-2014, he is a Head of cochlear implants program at the Audiology Dept. of the IRCCS Fondazione Ca \'Granda Hospital 2015-2019. Dr. Zanetti graduated in Medicine in July 1983. In 1986 he specialized in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Milano, in 1995 he specialized in Audiology at the University of Padua (Italy). Training fellowships at the House Ear Institute, Los Angeles (USA), Instituto de Otologia Garcia-Ibanez, Barcelona (Spain) and Foundation Portmann, Bordeaux (France). He is an Author of 90 publications on international scientific journals and a Co-author of seven chapters of books and editor of one book on \'Cochlear Implants\'. Member of EAONO, Politzer, EFAS, ESBS, Charles Bell, Meniere Societies, of Italian Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics and of the Italian Society of Otolaryngology. His current research interest is focused on Cochlear Implants and rehabilitative surgery for deafness.

Diego Zanetti

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This book covers some innovative aspects of the multifaceted and continuously evolving field of rehabilitation of hearing loss. International leading experts share their view and advanced experience on unilateral deafness, services for the hard of hearing, hair cell regeneration, advanced imaging, active middle ear and bone conduction hearing aids, and cochlear implants.

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Advances in Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss IntechOpen
Advances in Rehabilitation of Hearing L... Edited by Diego Zanetti

Advances in Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss

Edited by Diego Zanetti