Figen Kırkpınar

Ege University Turkey

Professor Dr. Figen Kırkpınar graduated from the Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science in 1984. Later, she was assigned the Research Assistant to the same department in 1986. She finished her MS in 1986 and PhD in 1993 at Ege University, Turkey. She received the "National Publication Encouragement Reward" from "The Scientific and Technological Research Center of Turkey" and "Science and Technology Centre of Ege University" six times. Her project was awarded on Project Exhibition-Engineering Science Project Competition with honorable mention by "Science and Technology Centre of Ege University" in 2002. She received the award for the woman who made the most scientific projects by Ege University in 2020. She was the head of the department of Animal Science between 2014-2017 and head of the department of Feeds and Animal Nutrition between 2011-2017. She served as a member of the Research Support Programs Directorate, Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Research Support Group Executive Board and Advisory Board in Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey between 2017-2020. She is the member of Animal Experiments Ethics Committee Member and Deputy Director of Application and Research Center of Laboratory Animal in Ege University currently. She has served as a member of the editorial board and acts as a reviewer in science journals. Dr. Kırkpınar is the author or co-author of five book chapters, over 200 research papers in peer-review scientific journals and conference proceedings. Focus of her research activity are feeds and animal nutrition, sustainable animal nutrition, especially poultry nutrition, feed additives and biotechnology, meat and egg quality and organic production.

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