Sayyad Zahid Qamar

Sultan Qaboos UniversityOman

Dr Sayyad Zahid Qamar is currently associated with the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. He has over 26 years of experience as an academician, researcher, and professional engineer. His areas of interest are applied materials and manufacturing, applied mechanics and design, reliability engineering, and engineering education. He has been involved in different funded research projects whose value exceed 4 million US dollars. He is the author of one research monograph, various book chapters, editor of three books and one volume of an encyclopedia. His other publications include over 135 papers in refereed international journals and conferences, and 32 technical reports. He is on the editorial boards of several reputed international research journals.

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Extrusion is a very popular manufacturing process, especially because of its versatility in terms of materials and shapes. Representing the vast and multifaceted field of extrusion, this book contains write-ups on latest developments from experts in the field. Part (A) on Metal Extrusion contains chapters on spur gear manufacturing, stiff vacuum extrusion, and indirect extrusion for subsurface tubular expansion. Part (B) on Food and Polymer Extrusion includes chapters on extrusion cooking of functional foods, changes in nutritional properties in extrusion of cereals, physicochemical changes of starch in extrusion of corn flour, extruded aquaculture feed, optimal design of polymer extrusion dies, and extrusion cooking technology for food products.

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